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Comparative Animal

Motion Laboratory


The Comparative Animal Motion Laboratory is housed at the New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine. Broadly, our lab explores the evolution of biomechanical systems using classical experimental techniques grounded in a comparative phylogenetic framework. Such an approach proves a robust tool for uncovering mechanistic explanations underlying the remarkable abilities that have evolved across the animal kingdom. Recently, our lab has expanded our investigative abilities through the use of bio-inspired robotics, a powerful research tool allowing investigators to alter aspects of the anatomy and/or motor control to assess how these changes alter system optimization.

We also believe that the dynamic nature of animal motion evokes curiosity and excitement. As such, we aim to create an open and inclusive laboratory environment where investigators, regardless of expertise or training, feel comfortable asking questions and making their opinions known. We hope to spread our enthusiasm for animal motion to wide audiences through outreach and presentations in hopes of fostering the next generation of scientists. 

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